I was tempted to call this post SELENA GOMEZ GIVES US 13 REASONS WHY….THIS OUTFIT IS GREAT or something, but the truth is that I just couldn’t come up with thirteen separate reasons. I could come up with, like…five. Five or six really solid reasons. Thirteen reasons is a quite a lot of reasons, to be honest with you. If we all had to have thirteen reasons why any given outfit looked great, we’d never leave the house. Five reasons are great. Solid. Really respectable. As is, frankly, this entire look. It’s so cute on her – it’s from that Oscar de la Renta collection that has spawned so many great looks already this year. This fabric always reminds me of ribbon candy, and I think it’s extremely well-deployed here: The fabric is flashy and fun, but the shape is essentially simple, if very youthful. All of that, plus earrings that are, I think, ombre pom-poms, and which are awesome? Well done. Just enough. You don’t need any more.

[Photo by Steve Cohn/Invision for Netflix/AP Image]