Versailles is a big-budget costume drama that we’re just about to get here in the United States (it premieres on Ovation on October 1st), which many of you who hail from other countries may have already seen. It’s apparently the most expensive European costume drama ever, and I can tell you that it’s full of sexy rich people getting mad at each other, and additionally getting super naked — which are two of my favorite things when it comes to programming about Problems in Olden Times. When people aren’t getting their kit off, it’s also chockful of people in honestly amazing costumes. We’re going to be bringing you a great interview with award-winning costume designer Madeline Fontaine next week, but I thought I might whet your appetite with the show’s trailer, first:

I mean. That’s obviously right up our street. I also feel like we need to discuss whether or not the long-haired wigs of this time period are sexy or not.

This next video seems like it is going to be the same as the one above, but I assume you, it is not. It just opens with the same shot.  It’s about costumes!

It’s interesting to hear male actors talk about costuming, right? I feel like it’s almost always women — but on this show, the men are just as extravagantly dressed as the women are, which is a fun and welcome change:

SO MANY WAISTCOASTS, so many wigs, so many man-heels. I love it. Make sure you come back later next week for our piece with Madeline Fontaine, who is a genius, and a fascinating woman.