The Post is getting itself together so late in the game that it didn’t collect any SAG nominations — I gather screeners didn’t get out to guild members in time, or something? — but it is nominated for Best Picture at the Globes, which is good news. Why? Because more The Post means more Paulson, who is always interestingly clad even if I don’t exactly like her clothes. This is one of those. Aspects are good, the colors are interesting, and she styled it well (love the burgundy shoe; it was unexpected and totally correct). But, sigh, Raf Simons. Calvin Klein’s aesthetic was once so clean, and this is so muddy. It reminds me of those heat-change mugs; I put one in the dishwasher once as a kid, and the heat-change thing basically broke, and I was left with one that was perpetually caught halfway between one version and the other. That’s what this is. It’s a broken mood ring that went through the laundry, and not a very well-made one, besides.