Evidently, Calzedonia is an Italian lingerie company, so this event was their equivalent of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. But everyone seems to have been mightily confused about the dress code. Ke$ha wore some sideboob, as we saw in the previous post (whoops — due to a technical thing I switched the order of the posts, so it’s actually the next post…), and Sarah Jessica Parker wore this:

Which is… you know, totally fine and dandy and all, and not the least bit noteworthy. In fact, I’m only including it here so that we can enjoy the way it contrasts with what Leigh Lezark — the erstwhile DJ who is a classic example of someone who is Fashion Famous, because she shows up in New York and abroad at the shows and occasionally does some modeling but whose all-access-passes to the world are generally baffling — chose to wear. It is amazing that these two are in the same place:

Let me repeat: She and Ke$haSJP were at the same party. First, it doesn’t even make sense that Leigh is the one in this outfit and Ke$ha is the one who went with Classy With A Twist of HEYY (again, sorry — they went up in the wrong order; here is Ke$ha).  Second, while none of those three outfits seem particularly in line with one another, this in particular is REALLY REALLY marooned on a creepy island where the only establishments are whatever the bike-chain equivalent of Jared is, and a racy bar called Cops & Jobbers, where she moonlights as a bartender named Lisbeth Strippinger.

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