After some dodgy experiments with trousers, Sandra is on a strong three-dress run: her silver at the SAGs, this pretty blue color, and now orange sequins in a vintage-style cut that really suits her. Sandra has had a really interesting few career years, between Killing Eve and The Chair and now Turning Red. I used to wish Sandra would come back to Grey’s Anatomy, because there is nothing Cristina Yang can’t fix or make better. But Grey’s is such a genuinely bad television show now that not even Cristina Yang can help it. Not to make this all about Sandra’s old place of business, but this outfit is good, I don’t have a lot to say other than compliments, and that lends itself to a mighty digression. So we might as well rant about things like why Grey’s keeps writing out charismatic people (Greg Germann, anyone?!?) and keeping freaking Owen and his family. I might have cared about Teddy with Greg Germann, but I don’t care about her with Owen. I don’t care about Owen’s sister. I don’t care about her kid. And I don’t care about Owen’s various issues. (Kevin McKidd must be a wonderful person, and exemplary influence and colleague — and in fact I have heard nothing but great things about him — because Owen is so far past his Best Before date that anyone else would have been written off by now.) What’s more, I do not care about Levi or his cardboard boyfriend. Jo is suddenly blond and it doesn’t work on her. Amelia has never entirely made sense, although maybe ER Fightmaster can save her. Maggie and her husband are beautiful humans but perhaps too one-note-wholesome to anchor a show that opened with Meredith Grey unwittingly banging her boss. And worst of all, I don’t care about Meredith anymore, and I don’t think Ellen Pompeo does either. I think she just keeps doing the show because she wants everybody — herself included — to have paychecks, and I can’t fault that, but I also think the show could work with her as an absent omniscient narrator. They need to clean out at least half of that house, or else shut the place down for several years and then pretend the Karev twins are old enough to intern there. Maybe with Cristina Yang as the Chief. Aha! Full circle. I DID IT.

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