Claire Foy was SO charming last night at the SAGs. She yelled her head off when John Lithgow won, and she was totally overjoyed when she herself won. Matt Smith was her date — platonic, I believe — and they seem to adore each other. It was basically a total lovefest for The Crown (in terms of both interpersonal relationships, and acting awards). So it saddens me to note that I cannot share in this lovefest when it comes to her dress, which looks like a weird mash-up of two half-assed frocks that Valentino just found floating around the back of the workroom and decided to paste together for the hell of it. So far, she seems very committed to the girlish and the twee, and while I understand that, I wish she’d branch out slightly. She doesn’t have to go all the way to Futuristic Crackpot, but she can at least put a foot on the road.