I may not think Giuliana Rancic is very good at her job, but last night she and I had a mind meld, because when Sofia Vergara popped up on the E! dais we both noted simultaneously what a departure this Zuhair Murad is for her. She so rarely goes cocktail-length on a major red carpet, and certainly not a poofy-skirted version. Sofia joked that her risque Globes dress was just her seizing the day because she’s almost 45 and so WHY NOT — which, look, I appreciate that, although I also think Sofia Vergara will have a perfect body until the end of her days — and so I’m thinking overall she either has a new stylist, or a new playful outlook. This is cute, flirty, and fun. And no one is ever too old to look ANY of those things, so you do you, Sofia. Play all you want.

Julie Bowen often wears sleek silhouettes, so that part isn’t new.

Julie Bowen

But — and please do correct me if I’ve got amnesia — I did NOT expect so much crotch from her.In fact, if you’d appeared in my dreams promising that Julie Bowen would wear this J. Mendel, I’d have woken up and plonked down money on her lining it first. Maybe both she AND Sofia are having a Carpe Diem phase, and her bucket list just involves a lot more underpants than I realized.

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