Another day, another dress that’s a high degree of difficulty. This could veer so easily into the old Wedding at the Polygamist Compound trope, but she’s cool and confident, and even her blocky ’90s sandals from yesterday work. Someone in the comments of that entry noted that Ruth went on Colbert and talked about how she’s naturally a very shy person, and that acting attracted her because it presented a safe place — within the confines of “Action” and “Cut” — to be seen and noticed, even if it’s not as yourself. She also talked about using fashion as armor, which adds up to me when you look at her sartorial history; she almost always covers up, in very intriguing and often very patterned ways. I don’t know. It’s cool hearing someone talk about their process in that way, and touching on the fact that, yes, fashion can indeed tell part of a person’s story if you know how to listen for it. I wish Preacher was my jam; guess I’ll have to watch Loving on repeat for a while until she pops up in something else I can handle.