This is A DELIGHT! We originally predicted this pink Carolina Herrera number for Juno Temple — and I can see that! — but this is a treat on Ruth. She looks like the most perfect bridesmaid and that might be the first and only time I’ve used “bridesmaid” as a compliment. (I honestly think it’s the floral backdrop talking more than the dress, but also if you’re getting married and you’re rich — I don’t think this is the worst way to go! But you must also do these shoes.)

This might be one of the more successful Chic Colonel Sanders looks we’ve seen, too:

I’m truly never going to be able to WHOLLY sign off on the Sandersian white shirt/black bow situation, but the oversized, slouchiness of this at least makes it more interesting that the versions of this that we’ve all already dealt with.

There are also a few other looks this weekend that we didn’t get photos of, but which you can see on Karla Welch’s Instagram:


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Click through, because there are a couple. Honestly, what a babe. Additionally:¬† NONE of these looks are Louis Vuitton, which makes me wonder if that spokesperson deal is over. If it’s not, it’s certainly less restrictive than other spokesperson contracts, which was a VERY good call for everyone involved.

[Photos:  David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Netflix]