Riccardo Tisci’s tenure at Burberry has left me scratching my head to the point that Head & Shoulders can’t even help. We have coats that are only… the front. We have hats that look like they were inspired by the paper crowns you get in kids’ meals at Burger King. His explanation for putting animal ears on the models is, “He wanted to give his models the same emotional expression that animals convey through their ears.” In that same piece, he’s described as bristling under the brand’s heritage and busting its norms in his last menswear show, which he bragged was highly re-grammed. Maybe that’s why some of this is whimsical to the point of strain? He was such a curious fit for Burberry from the beginning; maybe don’t helm a storied brand if what you truly want is to do you? And sincerely maybe don’t just do it for the ‘gram? Riccardo Tisci has a lot of famous friends. At the very least, if this is who he wants to be, why not just… drum up some funding for a Riccardo Tisci line, and leave Burberry the heck out of it.

[Photos: Imaxtree]