Once again, this week is CHOCKABLOCK with Prince Harry.  News of note: Wills and Kate have an event on Saturday — and might be going to the rugby that night — so pop by over the weekend to eyeball whatever they get up to, as I shall update over the weekend for your pleasure. (Prince Nicolas of Sweden is being christened on Sunday, but I have no idea how many pictures are going to float in for me from that, so we’ll more than likely cover it in the next Royals Round-Up, just FYI.) Also in today’s slideshow: short skirts! Stocking caps! Wallpaper!

And elsewhere:

– You can eyeball Crown Princess Mary’s latest Professional Lady Outfit over at Royalista.

– And Order of Splendor has great coverage of a variety of Openings of Parliaments.

– This, at the Wall Street Journal, is SO good: How a New York DJ Turned Earl Revived an English Manor.

– I very much want to see King Charles III on Broadway; Glamour talks to their Kate Middleton.

– Sophie Wessex has been on a trip to Qatar. (The Express)

– Also at The Express, this is one of those stories I wish I’d read while we were writing The Royal We, because it has wee details in it that amuse me. It’s about Prince Charles hating Harry’s Secret Smoking Habits.

– Socialite Life has more pics of the Prince Carl-Philip/Sofia trip!

– And Hello! has more details on Harry and William’s Hard Hat Adventure of last week.

– I’m looking forward to these pieces at The Court Jeweller, because they will be covering something we don’t see much of, and I think they’ll prove interesting. To wit: “This October, we’re going to be delving into the bejeweled history of one of the most intriguing royal women of the twentieth century: Farah Pahlavi, the former empress of Iran. We’re beginning with the jewels she wore on the day she joined the imperial family: her wedding day.”

– This is awesome, at Fashionista: Go Inside the World Of June Kenton, H.M. Queen Elizabeth II’s Royal Bra Fitter