Hooray, it’s Friday!

–Oooh, look at these beautiful, award-winning restaurants and bars! (CNN)

– Remember last week, when we were talking about podcasts? Vulture names The One Podcast to Start With, Across 24 Topics. (I started listening to Criminal this week — I really like it!)

– Um, obviously: If Tilda Swinton Were Your Girlfriend (The Toast)

– Also at The Toast, Things I Have Yelled At My Television, Which Cannot Hear Me, While Watching “Miss Fisher’s Mysteries” During My Convalescence

– Have you seen the trailer for the Victorian Sherlock special? (Lainey)

– I love this, at Annyas: Handlettered logos from defunct department stores

This piece at Salon about Ryan Murphy articulates why I, personally, am not watching any of his shows this fall season.

– This week’s recipe is more like recipeS, at Camille Styles: FOOTBALL FOOD.

– At Pajiba: Emma Stone Can’t Dance: Do We Care? (We don’t.)

– USA! USA! Via the Los Angeles Times: 2 L.A. men win gold at the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Austria

Here’s Tom Hiddleston with a cat. You’re welcome! (Celebitchy)

– VERY IMPORTANT SCIENCE at BBC America: Who’s Your British Celebrity Husband? I got Idris Elba!!!!!!

– Have I mentioned that, just as I love articles about packing, I LOVE articles where people — ANY people, ALL people  — explain what beauty products they use? This week, I enjoyed this one, at The Stripe.

– It feels so right that this article — about great suede jackets — references the Seinfeld wherein Jerry falls for one, given that I literally saw that episode in reruns on Wednesday night, the night AFTER this piece ran. Is The New Potato conjuring Seinfeld episodes?

– At Vanity Fair, I enjoyed this piece about Rifle Paper Co. I have a card from their line sitting on my desk right now.