This week brought us Max and Wax in Oz, a state visit to London courtesy of the Colombians, a cameo from the Pope, a surprise outing for La Cambridge, AND MORE.

In case you missed it earlier this week, we’re obviously talking about the Meghan Markle/Prince Harry rumors — although feel free to continue to chat about that here, if you so desire — and Kate met a cat on a red carpet yesterday.

And ELSEWHERE, loooots of Prince Harry dish, among other things:

– The Toronto Star has been covering the Harry/Markle thing with great and enjoyable attention to detail; go here if you need a refresher on all the latest.

Us Weekly claims Meghan met Chaz at the shooting party for Harry’s birthday, but they also claim she hasn’t met Wills and Kate, but I read elsewhere that she HAS met Wills and Kate, and also I thought they were AT said party so….I sort of side-eye Us’s royals coverage in general, to be honest.

– At People: Markle has been a bit coy on her Insta, and her PR has been kind of cutesy about her and Harry, too. In my studied opinion: This is what’s going to scuttle it, if it’s not just a fun fling in the first place (which, good for you if it is, lady!).  The first rule of successfully dating someone in the Royal Family is discretion. No comment. Nothing. Keep your shit locked down, and you probably shouldn’t even have an Instagram (difficult if you’re an actress, of course). More than that, though, it’s interesting to me that this news leaked the same week that we found out she has a clothing line coming out. And look, it might be pure coincidence. Camilla Tominey, who got the scoop, is a reliable royals reporter and she may have been working on this for ages. But while I don’t think Markle’s dating Harry solely for press, I DO think that the fact that their relationship became public knowledge at the exact perfect time for her to reap the maximum amount of benefit from the news is going to be looked at with huge suspicion.

The Crown drops on Netflix TODAY — we will be covering it here in some form, of course! Starting next week (we don’t get screeners, unfortunately, so we can’t be as speedy with our coverage as would be ideal), so keep an eye open — and Town & Country spoke to its actors about a question I’ve answered a lot in my day: Why Are Americans So Fascinated By the British Royal Family?

– T&C also had an interesting piece on The Crown’s jewels and costumes.

– Per Hello! Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo are expecting a baby. Rumor has it that she’s about six months along. Mazel!

– At Order of Splendor, tiaras tiaras tiaras!!!

Speaking of Harry: