Congrats, Cubs fans. You’ve waited a long time for this.

– At Deadspin, a tearjerker: This One’s For All The Cubs Fans Who Didn’t Live Long Enough To See It

– But some of them did. Look at this round-up of joyous old Cubs fans! Yes, I cried at this one, too. [SB Nation]

– At Lainey, a VERY interesting piece about Leah Remini’s Scientology documentary. I read her book about Scientology and found it really compelling; I’m interested in the series as well.

– At The Cut, this is so so interesting: Hermès’s First Female Perfumer Talks About Breaking Into the Male-Dominated Fragrance World

– Related: I REALLY want some of these glorious beauty-related advent calendars, which is possibly number one on list of things I DO NOT NEED. (Girls of a Certain Age)

– The New York Times ran an interesting and very moving piece about women who choose not to undergo reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy.

– Via Celebitchy, this deadline really made me laugh and I don’t know why: Kendall Jenner spent $52K on an absolutely insane couch: would you sit on it? SURE! I wouldn’t buy it, but I will happily sit on someone else’s deeply expensive, totally wacked out sofa.

– Speaking of furniture, did you know that Terry Crews has his own line of furniture and lamps? HE CAN DO EVERYTHING. (The Hollywood Reporter)

– Vulture ran a very amusing bit about B. Cumb’s cloak in Doctor Strange.

Pajiba’s covering the new Hamilton mix-tape. Work!

– At Hyperallergic, a really interesting piece on how — and I quote – Dutch Wax Fabrics Became a Mainstay of African Fashion. This is tied to an exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which looks extremely beautiful. Go see it and report back, Fug Nation Philadelphia!

– This is from earlier in the year, but new to me and I think you’ll like it. At Stylist: Expanding our emotional lexicon: the heartwarming foreign words that have no direct English translation.

– Funny, at Fushion: Why I’m leaving Westworld

– At the New Potato, oh so many cocktail recipes.

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