Today marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day. I can only imagine what a massive relief that day must have been (unless you were a Nazi, I guess). As such, we do have some actual Royals Out of Their Homes To Mark The Event.

Around here, we got new photos of Princess Charlotte for her birthday, and this very adorable video of Archie for his.

Elsewhere around the internet:

At Tatler: What really happened the night the Princesses left the palace for VE Day

At People, they’re letting the air ambulances re-fuel on the private lawn at KP during the current crisis.

Vanity Fair has the deets on Kate’s interview with This Morning.

Also at VF, this is logistically enjoyable: A First Look at a Kensington Palace Cottage With a Storied History

Via Lainey, it appears Andrew and Fergie owe a big-ass chunk of money on that Swiss chalet they bought together.

And, on social media, which is VERY busy lately:

This photo is amazing:

All of the Royal Family’s Insta-coverage of VE Day is very cool and interesting:

Like so:

The Queen herself will be giving an address probably right around when this post publishes:

This is also neat:

And this really plays into Camz’s strengths as a woman who has a great rapport with old people:

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“As the proud Patron of the Desert Rats Association I was lucky enough to speak this morning to two of its remarkable survivors; Len Burritt who will be 102 in August and Jimmy Sinclair who is a staggering 107…They both fought with outstanding courage in the “Desert” war, in the same battles as my father did and I salute them both. These two distinguished veterans remind us of the heroic struggles they, and their fellow Desert Rats took part in all those years ago to hasten the end of World War II.” -The Duchess of Cornwall To mark the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, The Duchess of Cornwall has spoken to two veterans of the 7th Armoured Division, also known as the Desert Rats who served in North Africa during the Second World War. To recognise this important day, The Duchess has also sent the two surviving Desert Rats some homemade biscuits from Birkhall. Sergeant Major Len Burritt (aged 101) served as a personal wireless operator of the General Officer Commanding the Division, spending seven years on the front lines in North Africa, and was one of the first to wear the Desert Rat emblem. Sergeant Major Burritt served with The Duchess of Cornwall’s father, Major Shand, and first met HRH in 2007 at the 65th anniversary commemorations of the Battle of El-Alamnein. They have been in regular correspondence ever since. Jimmy Sinclair served as a gunner with the elite Chestnut Troop of the First Regiment Horse Artillery and spent four years in the North African desert as part of the effort to defeat Field Marshall Rommel in 1942. He first met The Duchess in 2010 and is now in regular correspondence with her. On his 100th birthday in August 2012, HRH hosted a surprise birthday tea for Jimmy and some of his family at the Palace of Holyrood House in May 2012. Now 107 years old, he is the oldest surviving Desert Rat and has been widely praised for his steely commitment to helping his country. The Duchess of Cornwall has been Patron of the Desert Rats Memorial Association since 2007 and her father, Major Shand, served as a Desert Rat during the Second World War.

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Kate is definitely doing her own hair, and has also got a lot going on at the moment:

This DOES seem like a great idea, and very much up her street:

I assume Kate is just wearing jean shorts on the bottom for all of these looks:

“No, we love YOUR wallpaper!”

This is very dramatic:

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