At last! We made it to another Royals Round-Up! LOTS of stuff afoot this week, both in the slideshow and down here below — basically everyone is visiting everyone right now. The president of Argentina — Maxima’s home country  — is visiting Max and Wax; Philippe and Mathilde are visiting Denmark; Prince Charles is in Romania. People are feeling very social, in short.

In case you missed it earlier this week, Kate stepped out in ANOTHER lace dress. It’s a good one! But mix it up, girl. She and Wills and Harry have at least two events next week, too, so definitely pop back here before next Friday to stay in the loop.

Elsewhere: — Someone claiming to be Meghan Markle’s best friend gave an exclusive to People about how great Meghan is. Said best friend is also promoting a book (that came out in 2015). I doubt this was given a thumbs up by anyone on the Markle Team before it happened, although I suppose it’s possible — People’s royals coverage is well-respected and generally positive; there’s a reason Prince Albert is always calling them up all the time, and if you feel like you need a little positive boost, you could do worse. If not, I can only imagine the text messages that were exchanged this week. My guess is that one of them says, “I didn’t think you’d mind! I was so nice!”

– This week’s Tiara Thursday at Order of Splendor covers the fab tiara Queen Maxima wore this week.

Kate’s PA Rebecca Deacon got married this weekend, and looked v. pretty. Well, I guess she’s not her PA anymore, since she’s quit (presumably not in a huff). I do hope one of you get that job. Please report back. [From Berkshire to Buckingham]

And, on social media, we’ve got a LOT to cover this week. First up, we’ve got lots of video of the Danish/Belgian visit. BEHOLD THE HATS:


Here’s a still photo of those looks. Everyone’s wearing A LOT of jewels:

Whoa, Mathilde looks GREAT here:

And this skirt on Mary is fab:


Is this MONSE?!?

This looks jovial:

You guys, I need a better look at Sophie’s dress. Please think of the bloggers: