Has anyone ever loved a lace dress more than La Middleton? The answer is no. Her buying a green one is like when I try to justify buying a navy and red striped top because it’s not navy and white.

We have lots of this one in motion, thanks to all the kind royals reporters who were on the site:

I like this. It’s not a particularly…world-shaking? It’s very much in her wheelhouse. Like, if Kate has a wheel in her house that she spins to choose what to wear to events, “lace” is on seven-to-nine of the available slots.

For what it’s worth, I strongly recommend popping by the National Portrait Gallery the next time you find yourself in London. It’s awesome, and their top-roof bar has an amazing view.  (And you can go look at that crazy portrait of Kate while you’re there.) This event was a fundraiser for a project they’re doing called “Coming Home,” which is — to quote The Telegraph  — “a project that will make it possible for portraits of famous people to return to places that are special to them.” Neat!