I am very antsy for William and Kate and that baby to get on the road in Australia and New Zealand — their big tour starts April 7th, and I expect all y’all in Australian and New Zealand to be on HIGH ALERT to send in REPORTS FROM THE ROAD. The good news is, both Sophie Wessex and Queen Maxima have been picking up the slack on the outfits. Queen Maxima, especially, has been BRINGING IT. There are tiaras AND CAPES.

In various tidbits from around the horn:

This look back on the attempt to kidnap Princess Anne, forty years ago, is extremely interesting. I love this part: “As the two men struggled over Anne, her dress ripped, splitting down the back. Instead of panicking, she had what she later called ‘a very irritating conversation’ with her potential kidnapper.” (Smithsonian)

– Remember how earlier in the week — mostly on Twitter — we were talking about how Cressida was ALLEGEDLY to co-host a dinner Harry was throwing at the palace? She was a no-show, BUT, now it rather seems like rumors of co-hosting were exaggerated and she was really just invited. We thought it seemed like an insanely huge step for a couple that wasn’t even engaged (Kate never co-hosted anything), so to my way of thinking, that whole story got blown out of proportion.

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