Congratulations to Prince Edward, who has never been in Royals Round-Up more than he is today. Also: lots of Maxima, and at least one great dress.

ICYMI earlier this week, we had…a lot of content. Meghan wore a CAPE, pulled out a very reasonable working lady look, and then the whole crew went to Commonwealth Day events. We also saw some late-breaking looks from Meghan mid-week.

Elsewhere of interest:

At The Telegraph, I made the Chrissy Teigen Yikes Meme Face when I read this, in sympathy: Prince Harry ‘duped into telling Russian YouTube jokers of differences with Royal family’. Harry, please vet your phone calls! (I keep imagining this all happened while Meghan was off doing something else and when she got home, she was like, “YOU TALKED TO WHO? ABOUT WHAT? HARRY.”)

At T&C, newsy, and as of March 12th: The British Royal Family Carries On Amid Global Coronavirus Concerns. I have to think they’re going to at least keep Her Majesty at home. She’s elderly. We….cannot have the Queen get coronavirus right now.

LATE EDIT: The Queen’s diary is being “re-arranged,” per CNN. Everyone needs to just STAY HOME.

Per Hello! Letizia and Felipe had to be tested, but they don’t have it.

Also at T&C: Prince Charles Couldn’t Spot the Fake Artwork—Can You? This piece is so good.

In social media:

Please be reasonable in your commentary! None of us have it in us this week, I suspect. Thanks!

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