And here we are! At the end of a very successful few days visit from Meghan and Harry — if you missed anything over the weekend, Meghan wore a FAB look on Saturday night, and looked super reasonable on Friday in shoes I covet — we close out with another glam cape-ish (!!!) look for her, this time courtesy of Emilia Wickstead (a very Commonwealth-y choice for Commonwealth Day). (This is actually a dramatic scarf-neck, but it certainly has cape tendencies.) She looks great. Couldn’t we have almost had it all, as the poets say?

As for the rest of the family, Kate’s Catherine Walker coat-dress is lovely and very Kate-y (and her nearly vertical hat makes me laugh), Camz is wearing a typically wreath-ish chapeau, Sophie looks zippy, the Queen looks like the Queen, and Edward — who seems like a good egg; he was seated next to Meghan and chatted his face off to her, from what I could tell — actually made the slideshow. (The role of Princess Anne was played by Ginger Spice.) And I know they’re not part of the Royal Family at all, but Boris Johnson and his fiancee appear to be two of the most awkward humans together I’ve ever seen. BRITS: Confirm or deny.

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[Photos: Getty, Shutterstock]