In which Maxima rides a bike.

If you missed it earlier this week, we covered Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary’s wedding.

This was so thoughtful and heartfelt from Meghan. Please take the time to listen to her:

That’s an edited version; you can see the entire speech, at Essence, which was given the exclusive, and I encourage you to do so. (And, as a note: if, for some unholy reason, you feel the need to be a jerk about this, please do it elsewhere.)

Late edit to add this piece, at Lainey, which I think is very thoughtful and worth your time (and reflective of much of the conversation we’ve been having in today’s comments): Meghan Markle, the British Royal Family, and Black Lives Matter. For what it’s worth, I totally agree with her that the British royals should be speaking out right now, and I wish they would.

It’s a measure of how much news has happened this week that Prince Andrew stepped away from his royal duties FOREVER and it didn’t even really make a ripple. Anyway I think I speak for all of us when I say BYE. [Lainey]

On social media:

Heads Together, the mental health organization headed by Wills and Kate, posted this:

I didn’t get any other pics of this, but apparently the whole family came out to support Charlene’s foundation, which focuses on water safety for kids in South Africa:

This was Tuesday:

Charles is doing a lot of eco/garden stuff this week: