Oh my god, we have a LOT to cover this week! Many royals are off visiting other people, and wearing interesting things you’re going to want to see. Princesses are wearing intense jewelry and hideous dresses and good hats. People are digging through garbage! It’s a real journey today.

On the off-chance that you didn’t see it earlier, Trooping The Colour was Saturday, and the royal kidlets were very amusing.

In case you missed it, Wills and Kate came out to Royal Ascot on Monday.

We also covered The Hats of Royal Ascot in general, and they did not disappoint this year!

Elsewhere around the internet, for your reading pleasure:

– I’m sure you’ve heard about the very revealing interview Prince Harry did with Newsweek this week, which has caused all kinds of dramz because he said that he doesn’t think anyone in the royal family wants to be the monarch. I’m pretty sure that Wills probably texted him and said, “DUDE why did you say that to Newsweek?!!” That’s a sad truth you confess to your sympathetic American girlfriend during pillow talk. Did you not read our book!? There’s other good bits in there, but I suspect they’re all going to be slightly overshadowed.

– In fact, at Vanity FairKatie Nicholl reports that the Queen told Harry to dial it back on “the soul baring,”, among other things.

– These pics of Kate catching Sophie as she almost topples onto Kate’s face at Ascot are very amusing. [Vogue]

– Also at Vogue: The 18 Most Memorable Royal Weddings

– Harper’s Bazaar rounded up some of QEII’s most memorable hats.

– Aw! New photos of Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar!

– As you may have heard, Prince Philip was briefly hospitalized this week, but is back at Windsor recuperating now. [People]

– Redbook brings us Exactly Where to Buy 21 of Kate Middleton’s Favorite Products

And, finally, your social media catch-up: