Happy Friday!

In case you missed it around here, we covered the BEST HATS at Ascot this week and they are delightful. 

Also, don’t you want to buy something that’s just stripe-y as can be? How about some cute new shoes? It’s two new Fug Nation Shopping Posts for your enjoyment.

Also also, Heather and I donated signed, personalized hardback copies of all three of our novels to Authors For Grenfell, which is raising money to aid people who were impacted by the terrible Grenfell Tower fire in London recently. Bid early, bid often, and take a look at the other lots on offer, because some of them are SO good.

– I know not everyone is drinking this summer, so maybe these 30 Mocktail Recipes from Town & Country are a festive necessity.

– Jezebel claims that The Dress of the Summer Is the Sexy Sack. They DO look breezy!

– If you read one thing this week, make it Dave Holmes’s review of The Book of Henry. Go. Go read it. Read it now. [Esquire]

– Our friends at Revelist ALSO covered amazing Ascot hats, in case you just can’t get enough.

– Lainey reports on the new Courtney Cox interview where she admits she used too much fillers and looked nutty, and now she’s taken them all out. (She does look more like her old self.) Man, aging is harder than you think it’ll be. I say this as someone who is currently considering a slight dash of Botox.

– This is a great essay, at Racked: Growing Up With — and Away From — J.Crew

– LitHub brings us Nancy Mitford, Inventor of Eccentric English Style

– At Refinery29, a round-up of beauty brands supporting Pride this month.

– This Buzzfeed quiz about surviving the apocalypse is surprisingly fun. I DID survive, by the way, so don’t worry about me.

– Caity Weaver’s take on the new slate of Ken dolls is predictably hilar, and also fascinating. [GQ]

– At Pajiba: 10 DEVASTATINGLY Great and Simple Ideas That Hollywood Needs to Adopt Now to Become its Best Self

– 1843 (a publication of The Economist) covers, and I quote, “the annual blind wine-tasting contest held between teams from Oxford and Cambridge since 1953.” It’s very interesting!

– Elle examines How Wonder Woman Subverts the Makeover Montage

— At Celebitchy: Alexander Wang claims Bella Hadid is ‘the body of our generation’. As I said on Twitter, I don’t think Bella is even the Hadid of our generation! On the other hand, he’s also going a collaboration with Trojan condoms called PROTECT YOUR WANG, for the NYC Pride parade, and that is fantastic and yay, so maybe we’re even here, Alex.