GET READY, because we have a lot to discuss this week, not the least of which is that Queen Maxima wore CULOTTES. Also, Fancy Dress kick-off for Sofia and Carl Philip’s wedding, AND we’re at Maximum Harry and it’s only going to get maximum…ier. Or something. (See also: Previously, Prince Harry met Lady Gaga.)

And, for some house-keeping: Saturday is both Trooping The Colo(u)r AND the aforementioned royal wedding, and we will be covering both of them over the weekend, so come on by! (Sophie Wessex and Prince Edward are the Brits whose names got pulled out of the hat to miss their own event in order to rep The Firm at the wedding. By which I mean, they’re the ones who are senior enough to go without it looking like an insult who aren’t also too important to miss their own shebang and who also aren’t Prince Andrew. [I suspect Edward and Sophie always get the nod because the Queen knows they’ll be well behaved. I look forward to seeing her hat!]) ANYWAY, I’m not quite sure which event is going to end up published first, but come on by anyway and cross your fingers Kate pops out to dangle George off the Buck House balcony. She IS going to be there Saturday, but George is a question mark (the RUMOR is that he’s going to be in the carriage with Kate, but my guess is that it depends on his mood). I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to the return of the Holy Triumvirate of Kate, Wills, and Harry. All this, and the Wikipedia Wormhole that comes from the rando aristos who attend any royal wedding! I am excited.

ALSO: Some of you have been asking if you can get autographed copies of The Royal We and the answer is yes! We signed stock when we were in Chicago last weekend, so The Book Stall has a lot of signed copies at hand right now, and will happily ship to you wherever you may be. You can call them at 847 446-8880 to order, or email [email protected]. (They’ve actually got LOTS of signed books in stock, so take a look at the list and see if there’s anything else you want, too.)

And now, elsewhere: