First off, big news: The Royal We is now available in English in e-book form in many many MANY MANY countries, one of which is probably yours! It’s on e-book in Australia and New Zealand and the UK and Germany and France and Spain and Brazil and India and LOTS of places, as of Wednesday. And, in most of these places, it’s currently on massive (massive) sale, so snap it up while you can — it should be on all platforms that you use for your e-book reading, from Kindle to Kobo, but here are the Amazon links for those of you in the countries where GFY has the most readers, just for ease of use:

And now, onto the business at hand! In this week’s slideshow, first of all, Princess Estelle is adorable. Second, Princess Charlene has never seemed so happy. Finally, Letizia looks awesome in sunglasses. Plus Wills starts his new job, and other stuff.

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