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– This is a great article, in the New York Times, about Tay Hohoff, who edited To Kill a Mockingbird. I love this anecdote: “One winter night, as Charles J. Shields recounts in Mockingbird: A Portrait of Harper Lee, Ms. Lee threw her manuscript out her window and into the snow, before calling Ms. Hohoff in tears. ‘Tay told her to march outside immediately and pick up the pages,’ Mr. Shields writes.” It is amazing to read that someone as brilliant as Lee wanted to throw her manuscript out the window; apparently that really is a universal feeling for writers of all skill levels.

– Further, on the Mockingbird/Watchman front, this is a very sobering piece from Bloomberg about whether or not its publication is truly at Lee’s behest. I personally decided not to read Go Set a Watchman a couple of weeks ago — before the reviews — because it seemed to me, from what I had read, that its publication was likely not actually her decision, and I didn’t feel comfortable reading what was a first draft being posited as a sequel. I am interested in the book as a historical artifact — my degree is in English literature, and I specialized in the American novel of the 20th century, so this is really in my wheelhouse, academically speaking — but not like this. I totally understand if other people feel differently, though.

– This is an autoplay video, FYI, so turn down your sound if you are at work, but Daniel Radcliffe sat in as the receptionist at Nylon this week.

– Pajiba tackles the Emmy nominations. To wit: “2. The Award for “Shouldn’t That Nomination Have Gone To Timothy Olyphant” Goes to: Jeff Daniels for Newsroom.”

– This is a fascinating and sad piece from Anne Helen Peterson at Buzzfeed about Clark Gable, Loretta Young, and date rape.

– We were really excited to be on Jess Lively’s podcast this week, talking about The Royal We, our work progress, what we’re working on now (you’re reading it) and all kinds of things!

– I’m just leaving you this amazing headline from The Telegraph: Drunk squirrel wreaks havoc at private club

Buzzfeed looks back at the Clueless premiere. There are very few, like, totally important designers being worn!

– This is really neat: The Diaries of Miss Fanny Chapman, “detailed diaries about the fascinating day to day life of a single, 30 something woman who lived with her aunt during the Regency period,” now online.

This is a very interesting bit about a rumor in Star this week about a Jennifer Aniston/Leblanc hook-up, and why the source in question is less than reliable. (Lainey)

– Speaking of hook-ups, also over at Lainey, there is chattering that there may be a Sienna Miller/Affleck thing in the works. I feel like that couple would be a potentially fascinating trainwreck.

– At Maclean’s, this is a wonderful piece about the man who discovered Pluto, and whose ashes just whizzed past it.

– This is a very interesting piece at Eater about food radio.

– On the topic of food, this Jezebel headline says it all: Britney Spears Grocery Shops Like a Teen Whose Parents Are Out of Town

– Do you love Jane Austen? Do you like The Onion? This piece on The AV Club is for you.

– And this is great, at The Toast: The Sequel To Rebecca The Second Mrs. de Winter Deserves

– Jesse Eisenberg needs to…maybe not really talk to people that much. (Celebitchy)

– A PSA from Elements of Style: That is a Shirt, Not a Dress.

– On the topic of shirts, Kim France picks out ten perfect white ones at Girls of a Certain Age.

Esquire brings us the best beards of the All Star Game.