Sooooooooooooooo, this week was pretty crazy! First and foremost, if you missed our post about Harry and Meghan’s choice to step back, it is here; it’s been quite a long discussion, as you might imagine. (And a mostly very interesting, congenial one — thank you!) Uh, I guess some other stuff happened? You’ll see that in the slideshow. It’s been one hell of a week for us to also be on a major book deadline!!!!

Elsewhere on the internet: a LOT of Meghan and Harry coverage, the iceberg of which this is only a tip. In between moderating our own comments, the speed at which this thing is moving, and said deadline, I know I’ve missed some good pieces so please (as ever!), feel free to share in the comments. (I’m also going to repeat my request from earlier in the week that we remain civil toward one another in the comments, please! Thank you again!)

Lainey weighs in on the Meghan and Harry news — she’s had a ton of coverage, obviously, but this is specifically about the financial aspect.

The NYT wonders: Can the Duke and Duchess of Sussex pull it off?

Also, in the NYT: Black Britons Know Why Meghan Markle Wants Out. (It’s the racism.)

The Times also has a good explainer of how — as far as we know, as of right now; this is fast-moving news — this whole thing went down. (In part, the Sun had gotten a leak, possibly.)

Katie Nicholl at VF ALSO has a big old piece about it that was updated as of this morning. (In which I learned Harry and Meghan….have engagements this next week? That cannot be right. She went back to Canada already. Maybe HE had things on the docket? This is going to continue to be interesting! [I know they said they’re going to continue to support their patronages, but is that practical if they don’t even live in the UK? So many logistical questions and I am, as you know, always interested in logistics. Man, if Andrew hadn’t been such a disgust-o, this would have opened the doors for Eugenie to get take a larger role (his behavior isn’t her fault, but it does make giving her a promotion more of a sticky-wicket, optics-wise.)])

People reports that “Queen Summons Royal Family for Emergency Meeting: ‘This Is Happening Very Quickly’” I had to laugh when I read something in The Cut that Harry had been stuck on a four-hour long conference call yesterday. I truly can think of no more petty way for the Queen to punish anyone than to make them sit on a four-hour call.

In non-Sussex news, this news broke on the BEST DAY POSSIBLE for Zara: She has been banned from driving! Guess she’s gonna have to just ride her horse around town. (Vanity Fair)

And, on social media:

It was Kate’s birthday on Thursday and they released this snap. I’m sure the KP insta people had this planned in advance, although it’s a pic from 2018, but I also think everyone over there has to be like, “MY HAIR IS ON FIRE NOW!” Office drama!!

Meanwhile, the main Royal Family Account is like, “hey, look!! It’s Edward!”

Crown Prince Frederik is like, “look at all these flags!!!”

Actually, the post says CPF is visiting members of the Danish Youth Olympics team, because the Youth Olympics — a thing, apparently! — is happening in Lausanne right now. (He’s a member of the IOC. I do think if I were to become a member of a royal family [AND WHO CAN I EVEN MARRY NOW?!], I’d get ALL up in the Olympics business.)

And today, H&M were like, “BUSINESS AS USUAL WE PROMISE:”

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