In which Prince Harry tries his hand at surgery.

If you’ve missed it, we’ve now recapped the entirety of season one of The Crown. You can read them all here.

And elsewhere:

We’ve got a date for Pippa’s wedding! (May 20th.) [Us Weekly]

– This is JUICY AS CAN BE, at the Daily Beast: Inside Prince Harry’s Scandalous Toronto Layover to See Meghan Markle. I have great sympathy for a love story in which a British prince falls in passionate and inconvenient love with an American, but I fear this might end badly. However, I do think it’s going to be interesting.

Vanity Fair has rare photos from the Wallis Simpson/Duke of Windsor nuptials.

BBC reports that Prince Andrew denies rift with Prince Charles over Royal titles, in a statement. UH-HUH. Wow, the Brits are releasing statements about everything now! (I totally imagine Fergie and Andy being like, “Harry’s statement went over well. LET’S MAKE A STATEMENT, babe!”)

Kate and Harry went to a private event at the palace this week and Kate wore her red Preen again. Damn, she loves that dress. [From Berkshire to Buckingham]

Vogue has a piece on “commoners” who married royalty, many of which you know all about, but it’s a fun look at everyone’s wedding gowns. (I LOVE Maxima’s.)

– Again, I totally recommend The Court Jeweller’s take on the jewels in The Crown.

I hope Kate — who looks lovely — made mild fun of William for having to wear these knickers last night:

The only one of them who is pulling off the breeches is Philip, I think. But it’s a tall sartorial order.

Kinda confused by this skirt, TBH: