Okay, y’all, we think registering to comment — and getting an avatar, etc. — is FINALLY working.

If you already tried to register and it didn’t work/you never got the email about it: Your user name IS most likely in the system, and it’s just the confirmation e-mail that got lost. This next bit is apparently not working, but try it anyway, just in case? When you try to log in and comment with whatever user name you picked, you should now see a password recovery link.


See, there it is, on the bottom right. If you go through that process, SUPPOSEDLY it will also confirm/recognize your first registration and you’ll be good to go. (Except not, based on feedback we’re getting.) Please let us know if other problems arise, or you need us to delete an old registration of yours. You can e-mail us at [email protected] (We’re….working on it. I’m so sorry, guys.)

If you haven’t registered yet: You don’t have to, at all! It’s only necessary if you want an avatar, really. But, I will note that avatars are fun. New registrations DO seem to be working.

If now you really want to register: Then go forth and do it! Here’s where to start:


Click on LOG IN, and it’ll take you to the same box from above. On the bottom center/right, just click “Sign Up” and it’ll get you started.

But we will love you just the same whether you do or don’t.

Oh and also: If you come to GFY via an RSS feed and you’ve had issues with it this week, you may need to re-subscribe. Make sure you’re using gofugyourself.com as the URL (a lot of the issues were with people who were using an old URL of ours, with a celebuzz.com sufffix). That should sort it!

Oh and also also: Those comment bubbles on the homepage, which jump you right into an entry’s comment section? WORKING NOW. ALL HAIL.