Update 10/16/17: We’d love to update the header… but we can’t. Our CMS isn’t generating thumbnails in some places, and that’s one of them — meaning, if we change the posts in the top carousel, it’ll have a big grey error box where a pretty image should be. So you’re all stuck looking at this and the Meghan and Harry post. At least that one is worth reliving.

Other news: If mobile had a tantrum for you where you couldn’t go past the second slide, it should be fixed, although a final cache clearing will push it through if it’s still hanging up.



Update 10/9/17:  This is the week Tiffany is working exclusively on the mobile site, and even subcontracted an extra pair of hands to make sure it happens. We just wanted you to know that it IS getting fixed and the current state of affairs on mobile is not intentional AND not permanent.

Also: You can currently enlarge slideshow photos (I think) by clicking on the rectangle that has the single arrow pointing out of it. The regular enlarge function will also be coming back, but mobile has to come first.

What’s more: The site isn’t consistently generating thumbnails at times right now, so we can’t change the carousel atop the homepage, and you might occasionally see some alt-text where a photo usually is (like in Back to Post on a slideshow, for example). It’s ALSO on the list.



Hi everyone!

As you may have seen on Friday — we referenced it in F&P and on Facebook, among other places — GFY is switching servers and bringing operations back in-house, so to speak. This is a good thing, and the culmination of a really difficult year of our lives. It’s also, however, a very challenging thing. Our code base is thorny and full of little mouse traps, and sometimes you just don’t know what’s going to snap until you flip the switch. Or, you do know, but you run out of time. We have a mad-crazy brilliant and capable woman handling it, but she’s also doing it by herself. She is a superhero, but there are only so many hours in the day. It is astonishing how intricate and layered this process is. I don’t know how anyone ever figured out how to do it in the first place.


So, for example:

  • If you read the site on a mobile device, you’re going to notice that it’s the desktop version today. That’s not permanent, but our mobile theme went kerflooey and we didn’t have time to repair it before we had to finish the transfer. I don’t know when that’ll be done, but it’s being worked on ASAP. Please don’t ditch us from your rotation.
  • Photos in galleries are loading smaller on the desktop, and can’t be enlarged. That’s also temporary, but lower on the list than “our mobile site exploded.”
  • Some posts have photos that are missing, although THAT may be resolved once our final BLAH BLAH BLAH BORING is complete, hopefully today.
  • Many comments got eaten, including ones from earlier today.
  • Slideshow captions got eaten, or are showing up really small.
  • Ad spacing is a little weird.
  • Some changes aren’t taking when we hit save, so we’re not as nimble to correct errors as we normally can be.

That’s just a handful of things. Trust me, I am DYING to get back to my TPS reports as soon as I am able.


Thanks so much for your patience, as I know when we redesigned a year ago, the changeover also had its share of irritations. Hopefully this will be the last of them. We are, as ever, grateful and excited that GFY still exists in a landscape that’s increasingly treacherous for independent sites. It is our hope that today is the first day of a long and happy future in your web-browsing lives, and we appreciate you sticking with us through the bumps and bruises.


H and J