You guys. There are SO MANY TIARAS awaiting you within. (Note: there was ANOTHER Tiara Event tonight from the Swedes, but I will have to tackle it next week, because the pics came in too late for me today. I will not forget!) Plus, the first of the Royal Holiday Cards. I LOVE Royal Holiday Card Season.

Here at GFY this week, in case you missed it:

– Speaking of tiaras, Kate wore one you may recognize. She and Wills also went off to become day traders. See you later, guys!

– And yesterday, she popped out in a familiar dress and a new houndstooth coat. Oh! We also have a new haircut this week. Much to discuss, in short.

And elsewhere? I have some elsewhere for you:

OK has been reporting that Pippa and Harry are hooking up and it’s seriously like someone there read The Royal We and decided to run with it, although Freddie doesn’t require carbonara to seduce a woman. (As I’ve said before, OK is the most unreliable reporter for royals news: they literally published a story that Kate had been rushed to the hospital to deliver Charlotte in an emergency C-section when Kate was still WALKING AROUND PREGNANT IN PUBLIC. Please, if you learn anything from me in this life, learn that you should never, ever, ever believe OK. You should believe the Daily Mail before OK.) Anyway, also, Pippa has a new alleged boyfriend anyway, called James Matthews, and Tatler has the scoop.

– This is really interesting, from Women in the World: The unconventional reign of Sweden’s queer Queen Christina

Wanna see Kate sink a basket? The Mirror can help you. (Wills is sort of delightedly excited when she gets it.)

Wills also gave an interview to a journalist whom he originally met when she was a homeless kid. The pics from this event are really cute; they both sort of seem delighted that it’s happening. (People)

– Princess Madeleine talks about disliking the spotlight that comes with being a princess. (People)

– Maclean’s covers Kate wearing the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara.

Town & Country brings you Princess Charlene of Monaco’s Greatest Fashion Moments.

– This makes me laugh, at Gotham: What Did Playing Queen Elizabeth II do for Helen Mirren’s Sex Life?

How cute the Dutch princesses are! (People)

– What Would Kate Do? has been running a series of gift guides this past month, and they’re quite fun. This one, for example, is for the Pippa in your life.