Y’all, Letizia was holding down the side this week in terms of content. We’ve got some great summer dresses from her, and I for one could not be more thankful. Also this week: Ponies and kilts!

Also, in case you missed it, Wills and Kate raced boats yesterday and George and Charlotte attended and behaved sassily.


Oh, Martha Louise. I fear this entire thing is going to turn into a very hair-raising Wiki Deep Dive in about five years. [Vogue]

At Town & Country, and including a very foxy photo of Anne: Inside the Royals’ Favorite Scottish Getaway, Balmoral Castle

Interesting, at Tatler: Did you know the Queen still has a ‘Champion’?

It was Meghan’s birthday this week! Glamour has the breaking news that she had — I hope you’re sitting down — a birthday cake. (I jest, that piece is mostly about the bakery that made it and it’s interesting, AND the cakes are pretty.)

On social media, of potential interest:

You’ll definitely want to click through all these pics:




Another aw!


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