‘Tis the season when all the royals of the world are either locked in a tanning bed or heading toward Rio for the Olympics. Thanks be to Pierre Casiraghi, who went out and looked hot on a boat this week, and then also went to a funeral where he ALSO looked hot. Get you a man who can do both.

In case you missed it here at GFY earlier in the week, we did a huge look back and Wills and Kate’s first trip to Canada as a way to predict what we might see from them in September. It was fun!

And elsewhere on the internet:

– This article on Politico about how Tim Kaine’s staff managed the logistics of a visit from QE2 is really, really interesting.

– Order of Splendor gives it up for Princess Anne’s jewels!

People covers Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary’s Olympic love story.

– Are Mary’s shoes striped?! GASP.

– — In which Andy Murray almost smacks Princess Anne in the face with her own flag! (She seems amused.)

– Harry finishes this video with modified finger guns and therefore I thought it was important that you see it: