Yes, I have some Harry for you in this slideshow. He’s playing with a small child and also petting a dog. Also: Chaz and Cams are visiting Italy and Austria and basically it looks like the best vacation ever. They’re drinking wine and eating pizza and visiting the Pope and going to fashion shows. I’m jealous.

Additionally! We had plenty of royals coverage here on GFY this week. ICYMI:

Wills and Kate and Harry attended a Service of Hope to honor the victims of the Westminster terror attack.

Kate wore a FAB red dress to the premiere of 42nd Street, which was also a fundraiser for EACH, the children’s hospice of which she is patron.

We took a look at an upcoming exhibit at Buckingham Palace, which is all about gifts people have given the Queen; it’s super interesting.

Elsewhere of potential interest on the internet:

– There’s a new book out about Prince Charles that I’ve heard from reliable sources is very interesting and good; The New Yorker’s take on it is well worth your time. (FWIW, I personally have a lot of sympathy for Chaz.)

– Town & Country presents a juicy round-up of everything we know about Pippa’s wedding to date.

– We covered this earlier in the week, but there’s no reason not to do it againThe Sun reports that Kate was off at Pippa’s “hen party,” as they call it in the UK, whilst Wills was getting his dance on in Verbier.

– Vanity Fair breaks down the elements of Kate’s “trademark looks.”

– Did you hear that Meghan Markle’s half-sister, whom she hasn’t seen in 17 years, is writing a tell-all book about her? How much could she have to tell? There is literally no way this isn’t merely a craven cash-grab. [Lainey]

– Speaking of Meghan, she has closed down her blog. In case you were wondering if this is serious. (It is. Unless something disastrous happens, they’re getting married. Mark my words. Her social media accounts will go dark next.)

– We’ve covered this in the slideshow, also, but Prince Harry is taking up where his mother left off on the question of land mines. [Vogue UK]

– QEII and Wills and Prince Philip attended Lord Snowdon’s memorial service today. Her Maj looks jaunty — yet serious! — in purple. [People]

And, on social media:

Felipe and Letizia are currently on a state visit to Japan, and thanks to the official Twitter of the Spanish royals, we have SO MUCH VIDEO coverage of it, which is fab:

I LOVE seeing what everyone is wearing in movement. Also, Felipe is quite the charmer here:

Letizia’s dress is Armani, but it was inspired by Japanese kimonos, so I can see what she chose it for this event. Having said that, I’m not sure it’s a very successful look and maybe she would have been better off wearing a Japanese designer instead:

This teal suit on Letizia is fab:

In other royal families:

This seems about right:

This is an AMAZING photo:

Oh, hey, it’s the Pope!

This is a very…scarf-y neckline:

H.H. Prins Felix omgivet af familien kort efter konfirmationen. Keld Navntoft, Kongehuset ©

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