Hello, friends! I am delighted to inform you that this week’s Royals Round-Up is full of Charming Harry; he looks VERY happy at the moment. He’s probably getting excited that his bebe (TM Moira Rose) will be here any day now (who even knows when? They were meant to have a presser about the baby — presumably to tell the press what is happening in terms of hospitals and whatnot — but it hasn’t happened yet and maybe I just imagined that??? I need to know when to start interrupting my own sleep cycle, you guys! I feel like we’ve got another couple of weeks but what do I know? I literally know nothing.).

Elsewhere around the internets:

I’m sure you saw that the Sussexes have their own Instagram now! We got some messages from people asking us if this was at all tied to Whatever’s Going On With William and Harry, but just as an FYI, this has been in the works for several months (and we’ve discussed it here before!). The thing about this that I think is funny is that some random dude — as I type this, anyway — owns the SussexRoyal twitter handle and doesn’t appear to be interested in giving it up. GET A TON OF MONEY FOR THAT, RANDOM DUDE. (Especially since it seems to be the case that they allegedly just, uh, took his Instagram without….notice?)

– People has gotten confirmation from KP that Harry and Meghan have moved into their new place. Just in time!

Hello! is diving deep into Baby Name Speculation. I’m gonna keep betting that someone is going to name their baby Alice until it happens!!!!!! (I actually don’t think they’re going to name this baby Alice, but I have to keep my streak alive because you know if I switched my vote to something else, Alice it would be! I DO think it’s a girl though and I have literally zero reason to think so other than just…thinking it.)

– Related, at Town and Country, is this take on the history of photocalls with newborn royal babies. (This was really interesting.)

– While we’re on the subject of Bebe Sussex, I thought this was super nice (and obviously a really proactive, positive thing to do). At Harper’s Bazaar: Palace & Charities React to Fans’ “Incredibly Thoughtful” Baby Shower Fundraiser for Duchess Meghan

The Buckingham Palace exhibit this summer is all about Queen Victoria and it looks like it’s going to be v. interesting, so please someone go and report back. [The Crown Chronicles]

– Lifetime is making a sequel to their Harry and Meghan movie, as I noted last week, and the new Harry AND the new William are VERY BAD. [Daily Break]

– Interesting, at Fashionista: Royally-beloved brands can’t rely on the ‘Meghan Markle effect’ forever.  My poor beloved LK Bennett. Are they at least going to have a giant sale?

– Finally! The List of Gifts Received By The Royal Family is out.  This is always a ride. Shout-out to whoever gave Chaz and Camz four bottles of Schnapps! [The Mirror]

– There was a story in The Sun this week that The Queen is refusing to loan Meghan her jewels, and like the folks at People, I believe this to be total BS — for one thing, she hasn’t been to a tiara event, yet! (Tiara events are very specific! The Queen doesn’t just hand over her jewelry for whatever! She’s also already gifted Meghan jewelry! This is not a thing! When we have a State Dinner that Meghan attends, I am QUITE SURE she will be loaned a historic piece!)

– Michelle Ruiz had a very good piece in Vanity Fair this week: The Meghan Markle Tabloid “Pile-On”— And How to Fix It

And on Ye Olde Social Media:

Something about robots??

(Google Translate told me this was an international industrial fair.)

This appears to be a conversation about chairs! (I’ve never heard Crown Princess Victoria’s voice, I don’t think, until now? It’s lower than I expected.)


This is nice! Let’s end on a sweet note:

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