We have beaucoup folks heading out in their Easter finest today!

ALSO! The paperback of The Royal We — with bonus chapter! — comes out on April 26th, and Heather and I will be at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on April 9th and 10th. All the details on both of these developments are here!

And elsewhere:

– Floridians, you can still get tickets to the Invictus Games, if you want to go stalk Prince Harry. I mean, er, see them.

People has a long and interesting piece about the Spencer Tiara.

– And I always love Jewel History at The Court Jeweller. Today, it’s Lady Salisbury Chagrined (1888).

– The Duchess Kate blog has a nice big post about everything we can look forward to seeing during W&K’s visit to India and Bhutan. Let me be totally honest and say that I CANNOT WAIT for this trip.

– Also at People, some speculation about what Kate might bring to India. (To wear, I mean. Not like, her reading material and crosswords books.)

REELZ is doing a FOUR-PART documentary about Wills and Kate’s romance, airing on April 18th and April 25th. I won’t be able to watch parts one and two — and, let’s be real, I am sure I know everything in it anyway due to…my life — because Heather and I will be in the UK that week, but I’d be very interested to hear y’all’s take on it.

– The Stir brings us a look at all of Kate’s brooches. So far.

– I enjoyed this story about William and a patient whom he treated in Ye Olde Aire Ambulence. (Royal Central)

Tatler has a quiz to determine which member of the royal family you are.

– This is a wonderful piece in the New York Times about Lock & Co. Hatters.

– — Did you guys watch The Queen at 90? I haven’t had a moment yet. Feel free to discuss in the comments, however!

And, after the jump, some of the noteworthy Royals Instagrams and Tweets of the Week: