Reese Witherspoon has the same expression on her face that I would, I think:

It says, “This is so great, I’m having a conversation with this very nice girl who happens to be royalty, and DAMN she is pretty, I wonder where she got that outfit… no, no, hang in there, Reese, keep paying attention, put your Listening Politely face on, hang in there, don’t get distracted… MAN those are some nice white teeth, I wonder if she’s been keeping those up just in case, I bet she doesn’t ever drink Diet Coke or coffee, and I love her accent, it’s so plummy, I wish I had one WAIT if she asks me anything about what she just said I am totally going to have to admit I have no idea.”

And, “Aw, I remember when I was like IN LOVE WITH this guy, because wasn’t everyone? And now I’m MEETING him and I’m kind of wrinkled and we’re both married and he’s kind of balding and I can’t lift up my arms because if I do you will see that I am sweating all over this dress and WOW, he’s so nice and normal-seeming and it’s so sad about his mother and I CRIED so HARD that day, and wait what did he just say? Shit. I’m not very good at this.”

But what ABOUT the outfit? Personally, I think she looked mostly cute.

Jessica would go nuts for this. She loves a neck ruffle, and she loves that color, with good reason, as it looks very pretty on her. Team Jess! Anyway: If this whole trip has been about Kate and Wills showing us all how they do the Widdleton thing, then this is Reese showing them how she does the Reese thing. It’s VERY her: simple, casual, seasonally apt, sweet, ladylike, flattering. Yeah, it’s a little wrinkly, but overall it encapsulates exactly why I always envy her wardrobe. I never have good day dresses. She has about a bajillion. I need her personal shopper. And her budget. And her face, et al, but let’s just start with the shopper and the budget, okay, universe? Thanks.