AND VOILA! I am interrupting your Saturday to bring you the first of three new snaps of Prince George, released by the Palace for his birthday, in case you needed some FOCUSED ROYAL BABY in your life:

“Get out of my way, please. I have to go over there now. No, right now. NO, SINCERELY, RIGHT THIS MOMENT OUT OF MY WAY I’M NOT KIDDING WHATSOEVER THANK YOU.”

The other two photos come out on Monday afternoon for us Los Angelenos, in advance of his birthday on Tuesday, and one of those promises to hold The Secret to the Mysteries of Kate’s Green Patterned Dress That She Always Wears Under a Coat, which will finally silence me on that front, so give praise. (I fear they also might bring with them a repeat of William’s Over-Large Dad Pants, but it will be fun to get to wail to the heavens about why Wills Can’t Have Nice Casual Things again, so that’s actually kind of a birthday present TO US.) It was nice of them to give the kid a solo for the first release, and only right, as I suppose it is his birthday. (People has the story behind the snap, including an interview with the photographer. It sounds like George barreled him over. NOT SURPRISING, THANK YOU.)

[Photo: JOHN STILLWELL/AFP/Getty Images]