This morning brought with it a variety of stuff, including a visit to the 9/11 Memorial and museum. It’s a shame it was raining; I’m sure Kate wore such a bright color because that outing was logistically likely to have the greatest number of people come out to eyeball them, which is a trick Her Majesty deploys with regularity. (It goes without saying, I’m sure, that I am enamored of this coat. It reminds me of a hot pink coat of my own, the one in which I met Kiefer Sutherland, a story for the ages that I want you to remind me to tell you one day. [In short, he was charming and drunk and loves a pink coat, especially a vintage one. Okay, that’s basically the whole story.])

PS: If you’ve missed any of our coverage of this trip so far — forearms! Beyonce! LeBron! Coats, my god so many coatsyou can find it all here. We’ll have one more post today, because these two are off to a big party at the Met, and there was also an event at which we saw WHAT SHE’S WEARING UNDER THE COAT.