Wills and Kate are off on a mini-jaunt to Cornwall (which will be his duchy when he’s Prince of Wales, and which seems beeeeeyoutiful, from the pics I’ve seen) and the Isles of Scilly, which I keep wanting to call Sicily, despite the the fact that I am well aware that’s a totally different country.  Today’s outings were pretty standard-issue — you know, pop by a cathedral, kiss some babies, wave at some construction workers, drink some cider — but I am pleased to note that Wills is wearing another somewhat dapper sportscoat. I hope these last few outings are the first step toward them changing the narrative so that Wills is the fashion plate and that two years from now they’ll have an excursion where she is wearing the same navy dress she always wears and he is sporting, say, purple velvet knickers and a plaid tam-o’-shanter.

(Also, if you will excuse a wee bit of self-promotion, writing this it occurred to me that you might need a book to read this upcoming long weekend, and might I suggest The Royal We? I mean, you do what you want, obviously. I don’t know your life! SELF-PROMOTION OVER.)

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]