We cannot really see what they are wearing at all — I was going to theorize that, for all we know, Kate is wearing a pair of leather booty shorts and thigh-high gold lamé boots with the words “DROP DEAD” emblazoned on them, spelled out in diamonds she’s secretly pried from the crown that the Queen wears on the money. But I’ve since gotten some late-breaking intel (i.e, just saw a photo which you will ALSO soon see) that she actually IS wearing crazy (for her) pants. I LOVE crazy pants; I hope we’re entering a world of Wacky Trousers and Wild Patterns. All that being said, I think what we are all really here for is SPORTS FACES and also SPORTS HUGS, and I can bring you both. Also, The Beard has lived to see another day. (My working theory is that Harry’s going to shave when the Queen returns from Balmoral, which is generally in early October. My working PRAYER is that he lets it flourish FOREVER.) LONG LIVE THE BEARD!

[Photos: Getty]