First of all: At the first event of the day, Kate wore patterned shoes. I think I speak for all of us when I say: !!!!  (They’re by J Crew, which I knew immediately because I considered buying them last week before deciding that this heel is too short for me and will make me look like Dolores Umbridge.) I’m so proud, you guys. So so so very proud. It seems people can change. (Also: several of you recently pointed this out, but William’s shoes have ALSO been kind of good on this trip. Canada, you have proven salubrious for royal feet.)

Anyhoodle,  Wills and Kate and the kids left Canada today, but before they left, they met with three charities dealing primarily with mental health issues, especially for kids, and then Kate stole a boat again. We just cannot take her anywhere.  Then, they brought the kids out to wave goodbye and when I say the kids waved goodbye, I mean it. We got enthusiastic, double-handed waves from both of them, despite the fact the George was clearly very antsy to get on this groovy boat-plane. I mean, look at this:

(I enjoy the part of that video, toward the end, where the photographer clearly knocks something over. Bravo for not cursing, sir or madam.) Adorable. And a very good ending for a fun trip. Pop into the slideshow for a look at all of the events of the day. And allow me to repeat: PATTERNED SHOES!

[Photos: Getty]