All the fashion credits for these events are in the first post about the Dubbo trip, which ran toward the end of yesterday. It was a one-outfit day, but a full one — and also an early(ish) finish for the Sussexes, who must still be tired, so it’s smart to mix up the length of each day’s itinerary. Especially in the early going.

While we wait for them to wake up and get going today — yes, okay, it’s only 5 a.m on Thursday for them right now, but surely those alarms will pop off soon — I thought you might want to see a couple more pictures from the rest of Dubbo Day. It involved a boomerang, a drizzle, a farm, and a child. And gazing. RAIN GAZING.

And they were not the only lovebirds in attendance:

While we’re here: Meghan also baked banana bread at the Governor-General’s house last night (they’re staying there) so she could bring it as a gift to the farmers that hosted them today. That is brilliant, and 100 percent in keeping with the person her fans from The Tig probably wish was still on the Internet giving OUT recipes for this stuff.

I mean, I want to make that, please.

Also, Harry has a new gig as a dog trainer, FYI:

They parted ways for a bit of the day, and this is fab:

Finally, Chris Jackson, as always, is doing great work:

They’re gonna need a bigger piano.

[Photos:, Rex/Shutterstock]