Even Rose’s face in that photo suggests that there is a decision to be made here, and that she might be making it about half an hour too late. First, though, let us all send up a thousand hallelujahs for the fact that Rose Byrne did not dress thematically at this premiere. I feel as though other people might not have been able to resist that temptation.

Second, this is Dior. And it’s a really lovely fabric. I understand that big thick chastity cummerbunds are all the rage as a way to add a mod twist to a froofy silhouette, but that’s too aggressive with this, I think. It has the effect of being an afterthought, or a Kardashian waist-trainer worn incorrectly.

Third… let’s talk about the lower-third.

The New York Premiere of Juliet, Naked

Changing textures midstream makes the dress look a bit like it’s unraveling. I think I’ve talked myself out of this ┬ábeing a classic Fug or Fab and more into a straight-up Unfug It Up. So have at it, Fug Nation. It is a vastly better Dior, that is for sure, but could it be better still?

[Photos: InstarImages.com, WENN]
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