At Career Day at the beans’ school, we had a marketing manager come in and do an exercise where the kids came up with a new theme park and figured out how to promote it. And for a sense of fair play, he made sure as many ideas got a say as possible, which is why the amusement park ended up having rides made of candy AND water slides AND dragons AND a whole bunch of DJs and a ninja. That all sounds way better to me than this outfit, which is the fashion-school equivalent of that exercise: Bob gets a black bra, Nick gets transparency, Tania gets the feel of separates and Nora gets a the feel of a dress, Abby gets midriff, Rhonda gets a skirt with a bunch of shapes on it, and Chester gets a leather bra layered on top of Bob’s bra because he he hates Bob and thought he did a bad job. They all flunk. Sorry, team.

[Photo: Rex/Shutterstock]