I had a conversation with a friend last night about testifying in court, and how I already know what I’m going to wear should I be called upon to do so (as a witness, not the defendant, which is a whole other sartorial ball of wax). You want to look serious and believable — because presumably you are! — and in my mind, that always translates to my wearing a pencil skirt. I mention this because I wonder if actors have a similar tic, except in their heads they’re planned out what to wear to get their OBE, rather than what they’re going to put on to go to court and testify that, yes, their dashing and charming next-door neighbor did suddenly seem to have a lot of jewels on his person right after that vault was robbed. And did that vision, for Keira, always include this hat?

If you click into this tweet, you can see the whole photo of the actual Pinning of the OBE.

I actually think this whole thing is pretty charming — the whole thing is very updated A Room With a View, sadly sans Mr Emerson — and I suspect the shoes coordinated more in person, but I sort of wish she’d gone full Victorian Ladies Boot with this and really leaned in. Regardless: Congrats to you, Keira Knightley, an actress I like and a person whose career I have enjoyed. Take that hat and toss it in the air, you’ve earned it.

[Photo: Julian Simmonds/REX/Shutterstock]