Full disclosure: When this photo loaded for me, I DID scream the words, “oh no!!” to my laptop. But much as rom-com heroines throughout time have screamed with rage and then realized that there is a very thin line between love and hate….next, I fell in love. Is this crazy? Yes. Does it look like something you’d make out of two discarded curtains you found floating in the pool at the Versace mansion? Yes. Does it also make her look like an eccentric woman capable of orchestrating a mass-scale robbery at Caesar’s Place without getting caught or needing any men at all to help her? For sure. Does the woman who owns this dress serve really hardcore cocktails at her dinner party — all booze — and then get a little annoyed at you when you almost fall into the fire pit? She does. Has she set up seventeen successful marriages, and broken up eleven? Yes. Wait — I think this outfit might make its wearer into the Most Interesting Woman in the World.

[Photos: Kristina Bumphrey/StarPix/REX/Shutterstock]