Everything here MOSTLY looks usual — Rita is at an event to promote a shoe line, although her one mistake was choosing to do it in that coat, because once I saw it I didn’t even glance at the NAME of the shoe line.  One of our image providers only had shots of her from the front, and I looked at this and thought, “Oh, she’s just wearing some kind of puffer poncho… wait, what is happening to her left arm?” Sure enough, the other provider came through:

Canada Goose Celebrate the Launch of Footwear

The reason it looks odd is because it’s a sleeve that’s cut for a person to be wearing it the right way up. But she is not. Now, maybe this is how it was intended by the designer. I hope it was? Because as incomprehensible as that is, it’s practically Ant and Bee Go Shopping compared with imagining a person grabbing a coat out of the closet and going, “Wait… what if… yes, YES, FLIP IT! Hood be damned!” I look forward to her next work of art, which will be turning pants upside down and using them as “legwarmers with a built-in foot cover.”

[Photos: Richard Young/Shutterstock, David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Canada Goose]
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