Tick, Tick… Boom! is a musical by Jonathan Larson, all about a composer who reaches 30 and has a crisis of confidence about his career choice. The sad irony is that Larson died before this semi-autobiographical musical was ever staged, but it became a success, as of course did Rent — so the art he created about his self-doubt ended up being the proof that said doubt was unfounded. Anyway, Lin-Manuel Miranda directed a film version for Netflix, which is in theaters for a week before it starts streaming; the cast is pretty impressive, including a part for the great Beth Malone (Fun Home) as… herself? Sadly she didn’t appear to come to the AFI premiere, but we did get Andrew Garfield, Alexandra Shipp, and Vanessa Hudgens in a big ol’ mess of Madonna cosplay.

[Photos; John Salangsang/AFI/Shutterstock, Rob Latour/AFI/Shutterstock]