Rihanna is so unpredictable, and in that way, conversely also predictable. I feel like I’m never correct about what she’ll wear when, and yet I am equally sure her pendulum will eventually swing back from a cacophany of nonsense into something sedate, and so it has. This, for a Chopard party in honor of her collaboration with them, is a rather a style-free clump of black fabric; still, as we’ve seen before, Rihanna has a way with excess material. And she has a knack for making you appreciate her face, and her posture, and her general bearing, even when the rest of it is wanting. I wouldn’t say I like this, but she is carrying herself like a queen, and I could use a few lessons in that regard. Teach, RiRi. TEACH. (Although I draw the line at white toenail polish. Sorry.)

[Photo: Getty]

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